Mobile + Web Cloud Platform

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Only Javascript

Develop complete mobile + web cloud database applications using one simple Javacript code for all platforms.

Super Fast

Dramatically speeds up app development, updates and distribution.

Cross Platform

One source code for both mobile and web platforms dramatically reduces developement time and app. updates

Instant Deployment

Deploy instantly app update to your phone or tablet from your browser

Native Apps

Runs as a native app on mobile (Android, iOs, Windows Phone) and on all HTML5 browsers

Works Offline

Application model designed to work completely offline with no network connection

Optimized Secure Sync.

Secure delta sync. protocol using HTTPS will semalessly sync data between distributed SQLite databases in the background

Rich Native UI Widgets

Lists, edit boxes, multi combo, questions, maps, charts, grid

Rich device integration

Maps, Camera, GPS, SMS, Email, Phone Calls, Charts, NFC, Push Notification, PDF & more

Browser based cloud IDE

Your IDE is your browser, with auto-complete, integrated help, debuging and log console and web emulator

No Server Code

The entire code runs inside an optimzed javascript intepretor in your phone or in the client browser.

SQL Database Cloud storage

Define table schema in Javascript, automatic schema uprade and sync. Full SQLite database on devices

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