Equipment Management


One Unified Database

Consolidate your entire equipment data into one fully searchable database.

Maps & GPS

View instantly where your equipment is in realtime. Update equipment location using your phone GPS daily

Utilization Tracking

Track equipment utilization by logging kilometers or hours at the beginning of each day. Get Low utilization alerts

Project Allocation

Automatically allocate equipment to project based on nearest GPS location.

Cost Analysis

Get total equipment cost per project

Maintenance Plan

Define maintenance plan based on period, usage or both. Get alerts for maintenance overdue. Drag & drop maintenance dates in calendar.

NFC Tag Support

Instant lookup equipment using contactless NFC tag, or use barcode scanning.

Daily Checklist

Create a custom checklist form to be filled by operator in at the start of equipment usage.

Custom Fields

Add any technical information to equipment by define custom field or attach custom files

Custom Flag

Define custom status flags like Stolen, Need Repair, Broken and get filtered view on these equipment requiring attention.

Works offline

Like all other Upvise apps it fully works offline and syncs seamlessly in the background.


Take photos ans attach them to equipment.

Make your business mobile with Upvise


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